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Thursday, March 21, 2013 @ 09:03 AM
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As per the last year 2012 recommendations posted, this year’s numbers are in for all entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, auditors, broker dealers, and investors to consider. Based on the first year of operations of the GXG Markets, with the success of attracting new companies, the new Exchange has shown maturity and the ability to grow in number of advisors and listings on the Exchange. However, the GXG Markets has failed to attract investors, volume, or credibility as the Berlin Stock Exchange, Frankfurt, and other European markets do not recognize their OTC Markets. This leaves the GXG Market with a solitary trading platform for retail capital raising. This is effective when you work with a single broker listing your firm, sponsoring your firm, trading your shares, and managing your registrar, such as, who we believe as a third party is a leading firm to work with for GXG Markets for listings.

On the other hand, African companies, Australian Companies, Canadian Companies, UK Companies, Chinese Companies, Malaysian Companies, and German firms going public in Europe and raising money have seen great success on the London Stock Exchange Standard, AIM, Frankfurt Entry Standard, NYSE, Irish Stock Exchange, Polish Stock Exchange (KOSPI).

Therefore the markets rated this year for the best stock exchanges to list on in Europe are:

  1. London Stock Exchange Standard
  2. London Stock Exchange AIM
  3. NYSE Europe Stock Exchange
  4. Frankfurt Entry Standard
  5. Irish Stock Exchange
  6. Berlin Stock Exchange
  7. Stuttgart Stock Exchange
  8. Polish Stock Exchange (KOSPI)
  9. Switzerland
  10. Vienna

The Frankfurt First Quotation of course is no longer on the list and thus has been replaced by the Frankfurt Entry Standard. The GXG Markets because of it no longer being recognized by Berlin for dual listings has fallen off the list due to retail maturity not existing within the market at this time.

The GXG Markets is still an excellent choice for listing as a start-up company, however, you need to work with a group of professional market makers such as RST Capital ( to get the most value from your listing. The GXG requires by the nature and design of the software, that you work with a knowledgeable single licensed broker dealer such as RST to execute trades, build market maturity, and drive interest to your firm. This can only be achieved by an experienced and official broker dealer of the GXG Markets such as RST Capital.

If you are looking to list on one of the top 10 stock exchanges for raising capital and trading, IFXBG can assist on listing your firms on the London Stock Exchange, NYSE, Frankfurt, Berlin, Stuttgart, and other like markets. Contact if you would like to list on one of the top 10 markets. IFXBG is an officially recognized and licensed firm regulated by the UK FSA, the Spanish CMNV, the Luxembourg CSSF, and various other international markets.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 @ 09:03 AM
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For Immediate Release

March 20th 2013

In correspondence to IFXBG Limited, we have confirmed for all clients and markets that the Berlin Stock Exchange does not and will not dual list firms into Germany from GXG Main Quote. Therefore, First Quote and MTF Markets which are “exchange” regulated by GXG are not recognized. A similar letter has been received and reviewed for the Frankfurt markets. Therefore, the GXG Markets does not have retail presence within Germany at this time through dual listings or within the UK and is a singular market based on the efforts of the Exchange alone.

If you were considering listing your firm on the GXG Markets to obtain a Berlin or Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing, there are many different methods of getting to the German and or main board European markets. Our team can assist upgrading your firm to London Stock Exchange, AIM, New York Stock Exchange, Irish Stock Exchange, and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. (We do not recommend Bermuda Stock Exchange or Cayman Stock Exchange as the reputation of these markets will lead to delisting in Europe upon trading most likely due to the advisors “offering” methods in that arena.)

If you have listed on the GXG and find yourself unable to dual list and stuck in the situation, let us produce a solution for up-listing your firm. We are a registered EU and UK FSA broker dealer. Our firm has the ability to list your firm on the upper markets and perform the necessary due diligence and documentation directly that you cannot get from other Swiss, Canadian, and unlicensed advisors. As a Licensed Advisor in the UK, Spain, and EU, we can put your firm on the leading and highest trading stock markets in Europe.

In addition, as of this month of March, our firm has built and placed bonds that have secured over 100 million euro in growth for private and public client companies. We can assist in building an upgrading strategy for your firm and fully finance firms where applicable and subject to assets and cash flow analysis by our third party valuation team. In addition, with a valuation in place, it is much easier to move onto a highly respected market in Europe.

Contact us today,

IFXBG Limited

IFXBG Limited is a leading listing and advisory firm globally having a consortium of business interests that have listed 1,000s of firms on the GXG Markets, London Markets, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Berlin Stock Exchange, Stuttgart, OTCBB, Nasdaq, and many more. As the lead advisor who listed the most firms to date on new markets like GXG and Frankfurt, we analyze and pick the best markets for raising capital. Our UK and Spanish based offices allow for easy access to trained professionals who can work closely with all of the requirements of your firm for capital raising, valuation, and listing.

(This release may not be reproduced in part or in total and remains the property of IFXBG SA. Any copying or duplication of this letter will result in an immediate replication and republishing fee of $100,000 USD and by republishing this article or press release you agree to these terms. If you are a member of press and would like to republish, please contact us for permission.)

Monday, March 18, 2013 @ 08:03 AM
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For Immediate Release

(Special Message: If you are looking to list on the GXG Markets UK, the best broker dealer to contact is RST Capital, or email Effective immediately, IFXBG will send all listings to RST Capital for the GXG Markets.)

For Immediate Release March 18th 2013. On 6th February 2013 IFXBG Limited was issued with a notice that their membership of the GXG exchange had been suspended pending a review by GXG Markets’ Regulatory Team.

During the review process, IFXBG Limited asked for assurances related to the status of the GXG Markets as having been passported into the UK, that the sophisticated investor stock exchange “GXG First Quote” has sufficient safeguards to ensure the investors within the First Quote where “sophisticated” under UK Law and EU, and that these items of which IFXBG had been operating under in good faith of GXG representations be confirmed. GXG Markets First Quote operates as a UK unregulated stock exchange under the auspice of a sophisticated investor market.

Without the assurances, and the recent decline of registrars within the UK to work with GXG companies, IFXBG Limited has decided that GXG Firms are not the profile of firms or exchange for IFXBG Limited to be working directly with in the UK Markets.

IFXBG Limited has therefore withdrawn membership on the advice of our UK compliance which has been accepted by the GXG Markets on this basis.

All IFXBG clients sponsored on the Exchange have been given 30 days’ notice to sign-up with RST Capital or find another sponsoring broker dealer.

IFXBG Limited is no longer a member of the GXG Markets, and has been terminated effective immediately by IFXBG Limited.

Compliance Department

IFXBG Limited

If you are looking to list your firm on the GXG Markets, please contact RST Capital, RST Capital is the exclusive broker dealer working with IFXBG to assist clients interested in going public on the GXG Markets.

IFXBG Limited will assist your firm to upgrade to London Stock Exchange, Frankfurt, New York Stock Exchange, Irish Stock Exchange, and various African Stock Exchanges as designated by license. Contact IFXBG at if you would like to list on a regulated high volume market in 30 days.