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Friday, December 14, 2012 @ 01:12 PM
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Due to the closure of the First Quotation Board in its current form, several hundred FSE Listings will be delisted Saturday December 15th 2012, therefore this coming Monday the 17th the firms will likely all be delisted if they have not filed a prospectus document. You will see book trading by market makers on Friday December 14th, but the trading is not reflective of the market.

If your firm requires a prospectus document, they range from 15,000 to 50,000 GBP. If you contact we can organize the lowest cost prospectus documents within the market through our Broker Dealer.

Many firms have been going to IFXBG Limited ( the firm with the most listings on the Global Stock Exchange (GXG Markets) to list their firm. Listing of the firm on the GXG Markets for Frankfurt Listings have special pricing through IFXBG which is lower than any other Broker in the market. We suggest contacting and asking for a price quote to list on the GXG markets your FSE Listing.

Following close collaboration between Deutsche Börse, the stock exchange regulator of the state of Hesse and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) and consultation with market participants, the First Quotation Board in its current form will be closed on 15 December 2012.

The GXG Markets will only be taking new admissions up to Monday December 17th 2012, which leaves a large gap between Dec. 17th and January 4th of which they will not be listing companies. If your firm urgently needs to list on the GXG Markets, there are 12 GXG shells within the market who are looking to sell their public vehicles. We can introduce you to these new shells, contact for a full shell company directory and options. Buying a GXG Shell may be the only way for you to list on the GXG Markets before the new year. A GXG Listing for Frankfurt listed companies is as low as 18,000 GBP, contact us to find out why.
The last trading day for Frankfurt listed companies without a prospectus and who do not meet the new entry standard regulations is Friday Dec. 14th 2012.

We highly recommend putting a market announcement out if you intend on moving to the GXG markets, as your company will soon no longer be quoted on financial websites if you are delisted. Firms who have been listed on the Berlin Stock Exchange and Stuttgart will also be terminated if they were dual listed from Frankfurt. Unfortunately, many of the German Market makers and Listing Partners misled Frankfurt listing companies into believing that if they were listed on the Berlin Stock Exchange and Stuttgart that they would remain listed when the Frankfurt closed. This is not the case, your firm will be delisted. We highly recommend working with an honest and successful listing firm on the GXG markets such as the International Financial Exchange and Banking Group. IFXBG owns a UK FSA regulated broker, a Luxembourg CSSF regulated Securitization Company and Bond formation firm, an African Bank, and over 50 consulting offices and agents globally.

In addition, if you were a consultant of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and want to become a consultant for the GXG markets, you should join IFXBG as an authorized intermediary for listing your companies, valuations, prospectus documents, and capital.

GXG Markets Listings

IFXBG is the only company you should use to list on the GXG Markets, contact us to find out why!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 @ 10:12 AM
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GXG Shell for Sale- GXG Markets best alternative for Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange will delist all of the FQB companies December 15th this week on the basis they have not filed prospectus documents and or been upgraded to the Entry Standard of the Deutsche Bourse.

The quickly growing GXG Markets within the UK and Denmark is the ideal alternative for relisting the Frankfurt listed companies. However, the GXG Markets admission closes Monday Dec. 17th for Christmas and admissions will reopen the first week of January.

For many Frankfurt listed firms, this may not leave them enough time to list on the GXG Markets before being delisted. In this case, the best option is buying a GXG Listed shell company.

There are over 12 SPAC companies listed on the GXG Markets that are looking for viable acquisitions and mergers. These firms will immediately enable Frankfurt listed companies to become GXG Listed companies before Christmas.

Due to the high-volume of applications to the GXG markets, your best option at this time is to buy a GXG listed shell. Contact to purchase a GXG shell today.

GXG UK- Does the GXG Markets have liquidity? Listing on the GXG Markets

Many of the Frankfurt listed firms that had trading and liquidity issues on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange have asked whether the GXG markets have liquidity. With example companies listed on the GXG like US Oil & Gas PLC, and various other trading firms, the liquidity within the market exists at the GXG. However, the key components to having liquidity within the markets are:

– Utilizing a Broker Dealer such as RST Capital ( to deposit your GXG listed shares
– Utilizing and taking advantage of the Thomson Reuters subscription benefits for GXG listed company at the annual rate of only 2,000 GBP per annum
– Utilizing Proactive Investors, InvestorHub, and PR Web for international exposure
– Work with a qualified and sophisticated investor database (
– Utilize the top corporate advisors and sponsors on the GXG Markets (
– Ensure your company has a third party valuation, financials, and possibly an IM or Prospectus posted on its website
– Have a well-designed and worded website that emphasizes the real value of the company, cashflow, assets, projects, and potential. You may consider linking this with a “social media” marketing campaign as well, by firms like

This combination of market makers, sophisticated investors, public relations, online exposure, compliance professionals, and social media allows for the success and liquidity of a company on any market. Whether it’s the GXG Markets or Frankfurt FSE Listings the only way people garner liquidity is by actively developing your business. Simply listing a firm doesn’t get liquidity, you need the full above strategy and players to take advantage of a GXG Markets listing.

The GXG Markets is now growing in the number of global shareholders and investors it has with 18 applications from Frankfurt Quotation Board companies moving. With these listings, they bring thousands of global investors to the GXG Markets. By the end of January, over 10,000 shareholders will be introduced to the GXG Markets merely from the application of these firms to the GXG and their current shareholder base. As more Frankfurt Quotation Board companies move to the GXG, liquidity will likely increase.

If you are going to list now on the GXG Markets, then you should be contacting for a quick listing or to purchase a shell company listed on the GXG.