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Thursday, November 15, 2012 @ 05:11 PM
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For over 20 years, the International Financial Exchange and Banking Group ( as a consortium has been listing firms through the well-known brands of OTC Listings (for US OTC stock exchange Listings), FSE Listings (for Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings), London Stock Exchange Listings (For listing on the LSE), AIM Stock Exchange (For listing on the Alternative Integrated Markets), Global Stock Exchange Listings (GXG UK Markets), Berlin Listings (For Berlin Stock Exchange Listings).

In short, only a few consortiums have listed as many small to medium sized firms onto stock exchange listings globally as IFXBG and its partnerships. Over 1,000 companies globally have been listed within the consortium, with over 3,000 including dual listings.

If you are looking to go public and raise capital, we can list firms in 5-10 days on European Stock Exchange markets and have over 10 Billion euro in venture capital and debt financing to offer through our Luxembourg Fund. See if you qualify by contacting us today!

Go Public quickly on a stock exchange!
Raise your capital requirements!
Finance your company’s growth!

We are a registered Bank, Brokerage firm, and Luxembourg Fund, we can facilitate your capital raising needs and going public requirements. Contact us today Market Maker

Thursday, November 15, 2012 @ 04:11 PM
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Go Public with a Turn-Key Public Company, Open Brokerage Accounts for Shareholders, Public Relations and Capital Raising

Our firm has listed public companies and shells on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, LSE, AIM, GXG, Berlin, US OTCBB, TSX, and ASX. The companies are available for sale to firms who have the qualified and available capital to buy the public companies. Some of these companies have had operations, however, most of the firms are new.
In addition, as a full service brokerage firm, the shares of the public company can go directly into Brokerage Accounts with our Brokerage firm. Thus you can purchase a public company and deposit the shares immediately for all of your shareholders.

With over 20 years’ experience as a leading online financial publication network, with brands such as FSE Listings, OTC Listings, Stock Exchange Listings, and 2000 others, we have access to a network of over 2.5 million unique visitors per month and a database of over 5,000,000 interest IPO followers to assist in the awareness and public relations activities of newly listed reverse mergers and public companies.
We list companies on:

We trade shares on over 100 markets within our broker network, therefore if you have shares and need a brokerage firm, you can also contact us.

We also dual list existing public companies enabling international retail trading of your shares.

We also prepare the prospectus documents, information memorandums, and registrar/transfer agent services.

Please contact us today at Market Maker at IFXBG

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 @ 09:11 AM
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GXG UK (For Immediate Release)

The UK GXG Markets has enabled several companies globally (via the global exchange group) to list smaller start-up companies and quality firms on an international London Exchange market. Within the UK, there are 3 main exchanges, the OTC markets, the MTF markets, and the Regulated Markets. The regulated markets is similar to both the AIM, LSE, and PLUS markets. The GXG OTC Markets however is a fast listing platform for new companies trying to grow and access capital within Europe. Quality companies can list their firms from anywhere in the World and have their shares traded on a public marketplace with stock price, trading, valuations, and a market capitalization that shows the real value of your firm.

GXG OTC Markets are fast listings, taking professional advisors like IFXBG ( 5 to 10 days to list your firm. As the Frankfurt Stock Exchange first quotation board has closed, and Berlin and Frankfurt require prospectus documents, the GXG remains one of the only OTC markets within Europe and the UK, and it is one of the fastest growing. Corporate Advisor IFXBG Limited has listed over 15 companies since the beginning of 2012, and the exchange has over 50 companies listed and growing. IFXBG has worked with listing companies from around the world, including China, India, Russia, Vietnam, the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Spain, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, and more…

The GXG Markets and OTC Markets are global market places of which companies can list from around the World. The global nature brings all of the shareholders of international companies into one share marketplace, allowing new companies to offer their shares for trading to a vast international market. The GXG OTC Markets allow for companies to offer shares to the sophisticated network of investors through private placement and trading of shares, without the need of a prospectus or information memorandum. However, several firms do hire IFXBG to develop prospectus documents so that marketing of the company to the public is allowed.

Unlike the Frankfurt Stock Exchange or London Stock Exchange, the GXG requires every trade or transfer of shares to be reported, including the price, documentation, and exemptions. This is the main reporting requirement, which is a management reporting criteria which is easily managed with a Corporate Advisor like IFXBG who also runs a share registrar and Brokerage Firm.

OTC Listings Requirements for GXG Markets:

Included within this link is the complete rules of the GXG OTC Markets: GXG_Markets_UK_OTC_Rules_2012

The GXG Markets Requirements for the OTC include in general:

  • The requirement of a business plan with 5 year projections
    Corporate Documents that support the value of the company and assets
  • There is no minimum age, but new companies need to show capital or access to capital
  • Minimum of 30 shareholders (flexible)
  • The company must be up to date with its financial filings, however audited financials are not required
  • No Prospectus Requirement
  • Directors Documents
  • Application Forms and requirements
  • Controlling Interest Shareholder Forms
  • Sponsorship by Corporate Advisor IFXBG Limited (
  • Preparation of shares for trading through a broker dealer such as (
  • Clearing and Settlment of your shares ex. CREST, Euroclear, Clearstream
  • Our Brokerage House IFXBG Limited ( which completes all of the listing requirements, valuations, prospectus documents, information memorandums and can assist with all exchange reporting.

In order to qualify for listing, please fill-in the official documentation and send it to, and we will get you an estimated cost for listing, quotation, and pre-valuation for your firm. Listing can take between 5 to 10 days depending on the preparation of your documentation.

GXG Markets Listing Documents and GXG Listings Requirements

GXG_UK_Markets_FORM_Controlling Interest Shareholder Questionnaire

Funding Available For GXG Listed Companies

IFXBG SA, the Luxembourg division of IFXBG, has 10 billion euro to invest in listed and cashflow producing companies.

Time to listing: About 2 weeks.

Time to Funding: 12-18 weeks for Qualified Companies

Contact us today to discuss listing your company quickly on the fastest growing OTC Markets in the UK, contact or for more information on funding your GXG venture.

Contact us today at USA/Canada+19146133889 Switzerland: +41225752028, UK/Ireland: +442032867779, Denmark: +4536980826, Australia: +61280069127, South Africa: +27110836116.

GXG Markets the fastest growing OTC Markets within the UK!

Monday, November 12, 2012 @ 08:11 PM
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If you are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and want to move to another European Exchange that is tradable for your shareholders, you should be considering the GXG Markets by going to (

The GXG OTC Markets does not require a “prospectus” therefore Open Market First Quotation listings can easily convert their listing to the new exchange. The following is what we can offer you on the GXG Markets:

  • Due diligence and sponsorship of your company onto the GXG Markets, Stuttgart, and London Stock Exchange
  • Access to an FSA regulated Financial Advisor for the UK Markets for equity placements through IFXBG
  • Access to Trading through the International stock broker RST Capital (
  • Access to a Luxembourg approved securitization company for bond and debt placements
  • Access to prospectus and information memorandum writers

With our professional team, we can list firms on GXG, London Stock Exchange, PLUS markets, Frankfurt Entry Standard, Euronext, and Luxembourg.

Our consortium has over 10 billion euro in financing available of which qualified listing clients can access our Bank. Our firm owns a registered Bank, a registered Brokerage House, a UK Financial Advisory regulated by the FSA, and a team of Lawyers and Audiors who work for you and guide you through the process.

Find-out why the GXG Markets is one of the hottest, fastest, easiest listing market for SME’s trying to go public in Europe. Get a free Pre-Valuation on the value of your company and a Free due-diligence to ensure your firm can list!

Contact us today! or contact the advisory directly at

If you are looking to trade shares on the GXG markets, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, London Stock Ex