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Wednesday, December 21, 2011 @ 03:12 PM
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Frankfurt Listings- UK Listed FSE Listings For Sale

We have two newly Frankfurt listed UK shell firms for sale, these companies are in Mining and Sports. We can organize a change of name and transfer of shares within a 24-48 hour period. Your firm can immediately go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and utilize either an equity line of credit through our equity partners, such as Deutsche Capital Partners or issue up to 5 million euro in Bonds.

Our listed Frankfurt Stock Exchange shell is a UK company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange within December 2011.

The company was incorporated within the UK as a Frankfurt Shell Company for the purpose of a Frankfurt Listing using FSE Listings Inc.

The registered office has already been established within London, the company registration number, the ISIN, Symbol, and Corporate Secretary.

FSE Listings Inc is the leading provider of Frankfurt Shells for sale including UK FSE Listings, Canada Frankfurt Listings, Australia Frankfurt Listings, South Africa Frankfurt Listings, Spain Frankfurt Listings, the United States Frankfurt Listings, and China Frankfurt Listings.

All new Frankfurt shells for sale meet the new rules implemented by the Frankfurt Exchange.

  • Fully Capitalized with the € 500,000 requirement;
  • €0.10 euro nominal value of shares;
  • Fully certified by UK Chartered Accounting firm;
  • 5,500,000 share capital
  • Qualified companies
  • Capital introductions
  • No Prospectus required – Prospectus can be developed or IM based on your equity story goals

List your company or buy a shell and be public immediately on the Frankfurt Exchange using Your premier FSE Listing Partner.

As the leading Frankfurt Shells provider, we have Frankfurt Shells waiting for your project now! FSE Listings is the fastest way to go to get your company public and raising capital. In addition, we provide
third party valuation, prospectus documents, IMs, AA Rated Bond Financing, equity story strategies, share vision and share increase programs, investor relations and public relations for our clients.

Raise capital immediately for your firm (within 20 days of purchasing the company) with our bond program, and enjoy the liquidity and share trading available on the Frankfurt Boerse exchange (borse) the World’s largest Equity Markets since the acquisition of the NYSE and merger, trading 85% of Germany’s total listed securities in the most healthy market in Europe.

About FSE Listings – Your Premier Frankfurt Listings Partner is the leading premier specialist on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, FSE Listings is a consulting firm with a registered FSA Broker Dealer partnership, a German Market Maker listing partnership, a Bond insurance and securitization partnership, and a network of over 100 billion USD in sophisticated investors and institutional partners. Our available capital partnerships and market
partnerships and volume of listings give your firm the best chance of success with a public company listing and IPO!

Why FSE Listings?

FSE Listings Inc has a primary focus on taking companies public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Our partnership with an FSA registered broker dealer, German Bank, and market maker has positioned our firms and clients to easily list, get financing, and create long term value and partnerships with their firm. As a global financing firm with over 20 years of listing experience since the early 1990’s on the NASDAQ, our company is part of the network of, the leading OTCBB listing firm, ASX Listings for Australian Listings, and TSX Listings for the Toronto Stock Exchange. Our company has over 50 employees worldwide, and is actively recruiting investment bankers, accountants, lawyers, brokers, and business consultants.

Our firm is known to be the most professional, the most honest, and the fastest firm for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, OTCBB, TSX, and ASX. Over the last 15 years of listing firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, we have assisted over 2000 companies to go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange!

Contact us at or FSE Listings

A UK listed company is a premium listing, the UK is renowned for the quality of business and acumen, and attracts sophisticated investors within the UK and Europe. There are many reasons why a UK listed firm is better than Canadian, Australian, South African, etc. The ideal purchase of a UK firm is for a holding company of your firm to list onto the Frankfurt Stock Exchange through.

Since we built the firm, we know the structure and are confident in supplying this company for sale through our registered broker dealer partner. The Company is 110k euro.


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Monday, December 12, 2011 @ 04:12 PM
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Why the European Crisis is the opportunity for a corporation to raise money in Europe with Frankfurt Listings and Bonds

The current tension about the possibility of downgrading various country ratings with the S&P is driving institutional investors to purchase bonds and invest in Companies who are at par or less risk than Countries themselves!

Institutional investors generally take positions in no less than 50 million euro packages into Countries and Companies globally in the trillions of euros invested annually. The crisis has leveled the playing field putting companies and countries at a level playing field within the AA rated and AAA rated categories. It is important, because many firms and listing agencies claim to build bonds, but our partners develop AA rated Bonds! The rating is the key with competing.

As a Country outside of Europe, you also get the benefit of the institutions leveraging emerging markets and or opportunties outside of their own predicament.

How can small businesses take advantage of the Crisis with Listings?

FSE Listings Inc lists companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and then utilizing your public company listing packages together 50 million euro of AA rated bonds to finance the company. The package is often sold within 20-30 days of listing and bonding the company.

A minimum of 2.5 million euro per company and maximum of 5 million euro. (There are special instruments and compartments within the funds that can qualify for 50 million euro or more.)

Now you as a company can access and compete with Countries and gain institutional investment. As the stock markets in the world try to stabilize, a prospectus and listing with a Frankfurt Listing company is often not enough surety to get investment. Bonds are in demand for the institutions, and the rating of a cash flow positive company with assets is stronger than a poorly run Country who is leveraged. The institutions are making the smart choice, and switching from investing in the red and going into the Companies themselves. This could be one of the most explosive trends for raising capital and building businesses in a decade! With the regulation of Hedge Funds and downgrading of Countries, investment dollars are looking for a secure return.

The only firm in the world that offers the Frankfurt Listing combined with AA Rated Bond issuances is FSE Listings Inc and IFXBG. (International Financial Exchange and Banking Group)

Don’t fall for the prospectus pushers who raise no money for your firm, or equity-lines that are based on market volume, get financed based on value with the best securities tool to access institutional investors!

How do you start?

Contact FSE Listings today to see if you qualify!

AA Rating is the new Black says Bloomberg, there may never be AAA ratings – it’s time for you to take advantage of the trend while it exists!