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FSEListings & ShareVision work with all types of investors, from our Private Equity and Bond Issues (over us$100 billion) to public offerings. Enhanced sustainable share value naturally attracts funding.

 Each type of investor brings different advantages, for example:

  • Corporate Bond investors take no control of your firm, interest and coupon payments are tax deductible, profits to existing shareholders are undiluted, and raising costs are low; all this provided that your company has sufficient and sustainable profits in order to repay these bond investors.

  • Private Equity investors provide the advantage for companies where profits are not yet sufficient nor sustainable to attract corporate bond investors. Private equity investors also provide a positive reference for public offerings, where such public investors follow the experience of previous equity investors, thereby increasing public equity investor demand and your company’s public share price.

The common theme, no matter what type of investor your company aims to attract, is that your company profits are sustainable, at a minimum desired level, for at least 5 years. Bond and Equity investors usually have a 5 year view, and they need to be reassured that the company can sustain its current and projected profits.

FSEListings, together with PrivateGrowth, provide the ShareVision report to companies looking at both improving their business profits, as well as attracting any type of investor.

The benefits are ShareVision are substantial and numerous, for example, the 21 comprehensive benefits below:

  1. ShareVision checks if a client’s earnings growth is sustainable in order to attract funds, and provides at least 10 ways to improve sustainable earnings and share value growth.

  2. ShareVision clients are 3 times more likely to attract funds, both faster and on better terms.

  3. ShareVision provides access to over us$100 billion in investor funds, including both equity and bond investor types, in order to raise the client’s profile and attract funding.

  4. ShareVision attracts bond investors, by justifying the benefits of additional loans, by assessing the optimal loan amount to leverage company performance and valuations (without destroying earnings sustainability, pricing competitiveness and company value). This is critical to use with FSE Listings bond services.

  5. ShareVision can assist insurance companies to underwrite and insure these bonds to potential investors. ShareVision gives all stakeholders (shareholders, investors, insurers, key staff, alliances etc…) sustainable confidence in the future of their company and their investments.

  6. ShareVision attracts private equity funds, by offering potential investors an independent assessment of company value and future earnings and share growth performance.

  7. ShareVision measures all core perspectives, including: paths to greater share values, stages of development, director and management performance flexibility, staff productivity, relative competitiveness, as well as the bottom line.

  8. ShareVision is the most complete and objective analysis available on the market, and the most reliable. ShareVision works for large public and private companies, as well as small to medium companies in any country, in any industry.

  9. ShareVision determines an internal share value (true worth, not distorted by various market perceptions), that is the sustainable core value of your company, being an internal confidence measure, that will either attract or dispel customers, investors, alliances, key talent and acquisitions. Your company’s share price follows this internal share value. ShareVision provides at least 10 methods to improve this internal attraction factor.

  10. ShareVision prioritises projects, acquisitions, strategies by greatest increase in sustainable earnings and share value growth; and thus both protects and enhances your company’s focus and share value.

  11. ShareVision provides insightful analysis and recommendations, that management are not aware of, including detailed resource efficiency trends, comparisons to competitors, highlighting hidden advantages and disadvantages.

  12. The ShareVision report gives comfort to stakeholders, and protects them from a confusing wide range of externally-produced share price buy/sell signals and market commentaries.

  13. ShareVision determines the surplus/deficit in Share Valuations of your Company, and its competitors, and methods to improve this.

  14. ShareVision highlights what general market professionals do not tell.

  15. ShareVision analyses the hidden earnings margin pressures that your competitors face, and the 2 commonly overlooked financial ratio that will improve your company’s earnings margin and price competitiveness.

  16. ShareVision independently and confidentially assess the shareholder wealth created by existing corporate advisors, management, and other value contributors. Corporate advisors need to maintain their independence and objectivity, and should not produce share value reports (neither from themselves nor from another division/subsidiary within their group) … else giving rise to serious conflicts of interest; as seen with the high-profile Enron and WorldCom liquidations, where advisors were from the same company (or group of companies) as the auditors.

  17. ShareVision is a very useful objective second opinion.

  18. ShareVision is completely different to share analysis and broker reports provided by stockbrokers and other investment brokers. ShareVision is a comprehensive advisory report (and not a broker report), to empower shareholders with a full picture above and beyond the conventional financial perspectives. Broker reports basically summarise market intelligence given BY the company, yet ShareVision provides market intelligence TO the client.

  19. ShareVision, provided by our PrivateGrowth partners, are 100% objective and unrestricted in their analysis (PrivateGrowth does not take any investment positions nor trading commissions on your company). ShareVision is focused on building your company, instead of speculative trading on whether your company will rise or fall.

  20. ShareVision provides an unbiased perspective of where your company is heading, and avoids your company being vulnerable to changes in global market conditions and investor preferences, often irrational and over-exuberant.

  21. Case studies show that companies who did not implement key recommendations of their ShareVision report, lost between 20% and 80% of their share price. Successful stories have seen share prices rise and sustain anywhere between 20% and 100% (and more). It all depends on how much a client is willing to look honestly within.

Our PrivateGrowth partners have advised major corporations (including stock exchange listed) and wealthy private clients worldwide (over us$120 billion) on a variety of critical economic and business performance issues … protecting and growing their resources and sustainable core value. FSE Listings Inc does not only list firms onto the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, as in addition, our PrivateGrowth consortium provides valuable insight and research into the industries and companies we work with. This gives our clients improved share vision, resulting in higher share values, benefiting all the members and stakeholders your firm.

What can the ShareVision analysis and report do for your firm… ask CEO’s that have worked with ShareVision and our PrivateGrowth partners:

  • “This (ShareVision) surely is a needs must tool to assist the principals of a company to get an unbiased view – not effected by market trading – of their current situation allowing them to take appropriate decisions, at all times, to sustain and grow their business!”.
  • “Your circle is invaluable and should be compulsory for all executives of companies who genuinely want to take their business to the next level”
  • “We (major public company) found ShareVision very helpful and would like to use your services going forward”
  • CEO (multi-national firm) “Your services are very professional.”

The reality is, we have taken over 30 years of valuation and advisory services to large corporations, and facilitated billions of dollars in financing, as well as enabled a low cost entry level for new and current Frankfurt stock exchange Listings. Our PrivateGrowth partners have worked with almost all industries, including Banking, Insurance, Investment Management, Hotels & Leisure, Property, Energy, Construction, Commodities, Technology… just to name a few… as well as servicing Governments, Public Companies, and Private Firms.

Our ShareVision report is unlike any other service, and it doesn’t compete with a client’s current advisors or consultants, including consultants within the Go Public market. ShareVision compliments their services and recommends how to best take advantage by a 360 degree review of the firm. The scope is to independently and confidentially assess the shareholder wealth created by existing corporate advisors, management, and other value contributors into a bankable report. A client’s existing corporate advisors need to maintain their independence and objectivity, and thus they are not capable of preparing a 100% objective ShareVision report.

What if your firm doesn’t qualify, a major benefit of the report is to fine tune the business so it can qualify for financing. The FSE Listings and PrivateGrowth consortium is a full service global consulting firm specialising in listing companies, investor relations, public relations, mergers and acquisitions, financing and growth of public and private firms. For listing clients, we are able to package the world’s most complete list of services offered to companies looking to list, raise capital, and increase share value.

So…what do potential equity and bond funders really want to know about your firm? Key questions include details on:

  • Surplus/Deficit in Share Valuations of your company versus your company’s competitors.

  • Earnings margin sustainability, relative to your company’s competitors.

  • Trends in Resource Efficiency of your company, relative to your company’s competitors.

  • The underlying aspects of your company’s share value that general market professionals and consultants can’t or will not tell you (as they are not 100% objective and independent).

  • Paths to greater share valuations and prices, which will be the roadmap for growth milestones.

  • Key insights into competitive advantages and disadvantages.

  • Key Growth strategies, relative to your company’s competitors.

  • How your company plans to use new funds, and the effectiveness of your company’s acquisition strategy (and to what extent they create or destroy shareholder value).

  • Understanding your company’s true earnings potential and earnings margin pressures.

  • Understanding the 2 commonly overlooked financial ratios that affect your company’s earnings margins and price competitiveness.

Once a ShareVision report is completed, with recommendations on how to improve sustainable earnings and share growth, select portions of the report are released to the us$100 billion worldwide funding network, in order to maximize the probability of attracting investors and better finance terms.

Many firms will pay in access of 50,000 GBP to gain exposure to this us$100 billion funding network, however, we can gain access for firms who work through FSE Listings Inc for much less than half what the fortune 500 firms are charged, because you are valued client of FSE Listings.

To gain unprecedented value, 100% objective ShareVision advice, and exposure as a public company serious about taking their firm to the next level, simple contact FSE listings for our ShareVision and Investor Relations services.

If you are interested in a ShareVision process and promotion to our fund network of us$100 billion, contact us today and we will begin the orientation for free.

Contact us now, the leaders in listing firms and ShareVision consulting, to substantially increasing the share value of your firm! We guarantee our results!

Please be advised, ShareVision requires an intense analysis of a firm and its competitors, and may take a lead time of at least 30 days before it is released. If you are planning the ShareVision report for immediate exposure to our us$100 billion funding network, contact us to get the orientation started today. Email or call +1 914 613 3889

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FSE Listings: Why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with FSE Listings and Issue Bonds versus working with Equity Placement firms, Equity Lines or Equity Capital Partners

Initially one needs to understand the cost to a company of taking shareholder equity. By committing to Equity Placement firms and or Equity Line holders shares of the firm, you are giving them a direct claim to your firms profits proportionate to their investment and holding of your firm. Therefore, you as a company need to consider:

The Real Cost Of Money – The cost of issuing shares is higher in the long-term than that of developing a debt instrument such as a bond. For example, the limitation of a Bond with a 10% yield, a shareholder is limitless based on a portion ownership of your firms growth. A Bond may be over 5 years, and the capital invested increases your capacity by 50%, so the funds in place are justifiable for the coupon payment of 10%. After 5 years, your firm earns all the profits of the decision made. With shares and shareholders, as long as there are shareholders, they have a right to the profits of the company ongoing. Often companies underestimate the real costs to gain the shareholders, which are in short the immediate and ongoing cost of legal, accounting, financial advisory, governance and corporate professionals such as brokers, bankers, and sponsors. In the current markets, these costs can absorb up to 50% of funds raised in an IPO, and sometimes they are costs that exceed the capital raised directly related to their services. Often, after the exercise of writing a prospectus and preparing your firm to raise capital, the capital raising in the private equity market depends on your ability to help raise money and pay attention to the shareholders and potential investors to gain the investment. The time consuming exercise deteriorates even some of the strongest businesses as the focus is on capital and not the company management and profitability during that timeframe. This is a high cost.

Loss of Control – The Company loses control to make decisions as it is required to consult with the shareholders of the Company. This is a difficult choice for entrepreneurs, and it is even more difficult when trying to set the today value of the dreams, aspirations, and blue sky of a firm to an investor. Often private equity involves losing more control than debt of the operations and decision making of a company.

Downward Pressure on the firm’s value – Go public and merger law related firms, or firms who offer equity lines of credit, convertible debentures, and private placement services at a discount of your share price create pressure on your stock and companies value. Especially the Bridge Loan programs for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, whereby they take their 5% of the shares and sell them into the market or at a discount to shareholders who liquidate based on emotion as they have no relationship with your firm and its success. Equity line firms strive on being issued shares for no upfront cash over a 15 day period or more so that they can sell shares into your market pushing down the stock value and bid so they can make more profit, of up to 50-90% in some cases. These PIPEs, Debt Financing, and special purpose private equity placements are toxic to companies who want to raise additional capital as their company value is driven down to pennies and control is ultimately diluted both in voting power and in their ability to raise and attract interest of capital. Beware of the equity partners and capital firms who offer Equity Lines, Private Placement, Bridge Capital, and Financing options prelisting of your firm. The most illiquid moment of a company is prelisting, and therefore, the owner of such a document actually has control of your firm before giving you a dime. The ability to apply pressure to anyone’s share price in our opinion is the ability to control someones firm. Bridge Loan (Sharks) and joker brokers who assist firms who do not have the 60k euro to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange prey on unsuspecting firms for their 5%+ of your deal and reputation to take advantage of your firm once it is listed. Don’t fall into the penny stock pump and dump scenario by avoiding these kinds of partners from the beginning. In addition, these firms may disguise their tactics by promising stock promotions of which you will be able to liquidate your shares and or your shareholders will be able to liquidate their shares into a vibrant market. We receive 5-10 phone calls per week from these types of stock promoter and bridge capital firms who are trying to sell their shares privately and exit the company. Their interest is not in your firm or your share price, its exiting their position. Be vigilant about who you choose as your partners, and before you choose anyone, get the advice of FSE Listings Inc as to their professional reputation by contacting

Effects on the Balance Sheet and Financials

Dividends are paid from after-tax earnings, bond payments and interest payments are tax deductible. This affects the relative costs to the company of financing by issuing interest-based securities and financing through ordinary shares.

Everyone always thinks about listing a firm and raising private equity capital, however, public company shares are just the ability to offer shares and liquidate shares in a public arena. Thus, it gives a cash flow value to the shares of the company. Unlike private company shares that generally have no cash flow value. By listing your firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, your shares have cash value to insurance firms and debtors, who will develop a corporate securitized bond collateralized by the cash flow and assets of the company.

The Benefits of the Bond and Frankfurt Listing:

  • No loss of control
  • Interest and Coupon Payments that are tax
    deductible, not from after tax earnings
  • Limiting the claim to the companies prosperity
    to rate of interest or coupon payments versus a shareholder claim of the
    profits (the true cost of money)
  • Access to the full amount of capital required
  • No downward pressure on your share value or

If an investment in your firm could double capacity or greater over the next 5 years projections of your firm, you should be considering building a Bond and Frankfurt Listing with FSE Listings Robert Russell, Contact us to see if you qualify by filling-out our documents and obtaining a
free pre-valuation of your firm!

Listing a firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange takes 3-6 weeks, qualifying for bond issuances takes 2-4 weeks, within 10 weeks you could be a listed and funded firm on the FSE! Don’t hesitate to contact the top listing firm for foreign firms outside of Germany like yourself!

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Finding an effective network or strategy of reaching high-net worth investors for exposure to your public company or private firm is often the largest challenge. The internet is one of the liberators to reaching this market and qualifying the eligibility of people prior to solicitation of any kind. Key aspects and components that have allowed up to several $100 million in placements globally:

  • Development of an Industry website and qualifying data sheet that meets the jurisdictional definitions of the
    “investor” who is allowed to make a placement in your firm  Supply of an industry report, information
    memorandum, and or summary on the business without direct solicitation, based on an opt-in of interest on your firm
  • Usage of Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Investor Networks, Private Growth, Angel Networks,
  • Investor Hubs, and other such networks to find High Networth Individuals (HNIs) Public relations exposure on an extensive global network for press releases, and appropriately placed contact details for filling in forms on the companies website or a script for investor relations or corporate representatives to pre-qualify those contacting the company
  • Investor Forums, Interviews, and Web Casts that drive potential shareholders to assert their interest in the industry and the firm
  • Access to newsletters and opt-in emails
  • Direct contact that encourages individuals to take initiative and qualify themselves through a web interface for receiving information and self-certifying their eligibility

Suppliers of reports have their own networks, thus, they often drive an additional following to your company.

Ensure your firm is always trying to collect data on all persons who contact the firm, regardless if they are an investor or not, qualifying them helps mitigate problems that could occur if unqualified individuals make an investment from talking to your public company or employees. Knowing they are certified increases your confidence as a company in what you share and can share as far as company information and opinions.  Knowing increases your ability to attract the investment!

If you would like to build a qualified investor database or develop an interest in your firm from sophisticated investors, you should be looking at the Online Qualified Investor marketing program and Social Media
Marketing campaign. The quality of the clients attracted to your firm, one lead could more than pay for the cost of a campaign!

Contact, Cameron Brady Frankfurt Stock Exchange Investor Relations!

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Business Services on an upswing – Business to Business Service based Companies should list and grow in the current Economy 2011 and 2012

As a business service of knowledge, at FSE Listings Inc, we have seen our own growth upswing from 3-4 clients per month to 5-10 clients per month. At first we just believed the growth was based on good will or word of mouth from happy clients, search engine optimization, and marketing, but we now realize that our business is simply benefiting from what many firms globally are benefiting from as the market recovers.

Consumer services are driven mainly by domestic demand and for this reason there is unlikely growth posted in this sector for 2011, however business services are based on renewal of the industrial activity and this is the sector that requires knowledge and services to participate in their growth in this year’s economic recovery. Therefore, firms in the business sector are likely to post growth for 2011 and into 2012.

Firms that focus on B2B relationships, from software consultancies, automation firms, consulting services, and result based products inevitably will take shape in the recovering market. Services that are mainly demanded by firms are defined by us as business services. They include, for example, the wholesale trade, logistics, IT services and advertising. These are cyclically-driven services and hence they saw greater expansion but also greater volatility than consumer services on average over the past few years. These services mainly provide inputs for industry, and the related business is closely linked with industrial activity.

For example, business opportunities within this sector to purchase and raise capital for service oriented business is now, as most corporations held back on expenses of knowledge and automation to survive the tough economic times, the rebound will drive revenue growth and with growth requires consulting, services, automation, and expansion advisory services. Some of these firms have seen 20-50% decrease in revenues due to economic conditions, now the industry is set-up for hyper acceleration back to its prior revenue peak with little investment and focus. Segments of growth such as logistics and IT are expected to cater to the boost in efficiencies, however management consultancies and soft skill services are likely to still be soft growth.

The crisis provided stimuli for many industrial firms to outsource business process activities such as IT services or accounting. Thanks to a division of labour and outsourcing to specialised third parties they were able to boost their efficiency. As soon as enough funding becomes available for investment during the coming upswing these firms will probably assign further tasks to providers of business services.

For this reason it is to be expected that 2012 will again see business services register more dynamic growth than consumer services. Moreover, since many of the business-related services are knowledge-intensive while the flat-performing wholesale and retail trades in most cases are not, knowledge-intensive services are also likely to forge ahead of less sophisticated segments during the recovery.

Therefore, business services will actually be good investments and ideal firms to take public and list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for capital to grow in this market. In addition, purchasing and acquiring other consulting firms in the current situation prior to growth is ideal, to maximize the upswing of investment in a growing market and business. An acquisition strategy is always easier when you have public company stock as the currency used to purchase and finance the firms you would like to takeover.

List your consultancy and or Business to Business focused firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, access capital, access the ability to grow your business, access the ability to acquire other firms with public company shares, get international exposure with FSE Listings.

Financing of Companies Listed On Frankfurt

Cashflow companies that can service debt or return on investment to shareholders with growth would be eligible for listing Bonds, Securitized Loans, and Structured Financing. On occasion the assets of firms are not enough, and the insurance firm and Banks issuing the Bond require collateral above and beyond the asset to fast track capital. By listing a firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with FSE Listings Inc, you can utilize the listed companies shares in conjunction with the company’s assets as liquid security, improving both the chance of getting the required funds and increasing your rating to a AA Rating. Firms who work with FSE Listings Inc are willing to insure and finance Business-to-Business companies up to 5 million euro who fit the criteria for funding.

About FSE Listings Inc

FSE Listings Inc is the leading listing firm for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings outside of Germany and the recognized leader bar-none over any other firm for non-German Companies. With offices in Spain, UK, South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Netherlands, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Mozambique, and Ireland. Many firms have in-house law firms, which increase your cost of listing and hender your process, FSE Listings Inc utilizes the best and quickest law firms, listing partners, designated sponsors, and local service providers. In addition, our finance partners have the access to innovative proven mechanisms of getting the capital and commitments your firm requires in a timely and reliable fashion.  By going with our firm, you get all of the best professionals as a one-stop service agreement.