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Friday, April 1, 2011 @ 12:04 PM
posted by fse-listings

There is a well known problem with being an investor that also effects business owners and shareholders alike. However well you structure a company, a business, an idea, in the effort to become the principals of your business and your world, there is always the agents that effect it not to behave the way you, the public, or the company expected. This is called the Principal – Agent problem. Where the agent, such as a broker, financier, major shareholder, does what they want to do versus doing what you expect of them or what is best for the company.

This is the fundamental difference of being an investor or a Principal, and being a trader minded person. Often investors and principals go public and have the misconception that all parties related to the deal will work hard for them and do what is best for the company, and just having the pieces there are good enough. We see the woes of this, as other listings firm drive companies to go onto stock exchanges with just the symbol as the finish line, not giving any advice along the way. Often the firms have poor structures, and after listing, they have lost the support of the agents. Even if the structure is sound, like the types of companies FSE Listings Inc lists, when there is selling in the market, financers are not raising capital, sales projections are not always as expected, and there are general woes because there isn’t someone driving the horse carriage. It doesn’t have the trader.

A trader is a Principal who knows where the many pieces are, where the profits are made, orchestrates the event of going public and news to drive, motivate, and rally all the pieces together with authority. Have you ever seen how a trader directs their broker? Have you ever seen how a trader moves commodities, how they herd suppliers and the buyers into a frenzy to make the margin and opportunity happen!

The reality is, to become an executive, Principal, or part of a public market listed company by listing your firm, you need to pull all the pieces together with authority, creating the opportunities, and making it happen for your firm.

Working with experts can only help your business if you are willing to learn and embrace their knowledge, to be humbled regardless of your extensive business experience so as to make a whole perspective. Listing for first time executives is a learning experience, for even second time and third time CEOs and teams, they may have listed companies in the past, but it was another party who drove the process or rules and strategies have changed and their perspective is out-dated. Large investors and tycoons such as Branson, Trump, Buffet, and Gates are all traders in a Principal perspective. If you want to work with a team that both has the skill to list your firm and engage your trader mind and coach you as a public company principal, you should talk to FSE Listings. Let us help you find out what others cannot tell you it’s not just about getting a symbol it’s about your independent control of your companies destiny and that of your shareholders, a trader mind.

If you would like to list on a public market, are open to considering the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and working with a team who can guide you as a CEO, you should contact Robert Russell at FSE Listings Inc,

Friday, April 1, 2011 @ 12:04 PM
posted by fse-listings

Listing a company or going public on an exchange like the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which we specialize in, is not just about the trading symbol as some may have you believe. Within the industry of highly skilled professionals and traders, there is the art and science of deploying clever strategies for structure, trading, and sentiment that drive their search for profits.

It is no surprise for those in an electronic day and age, where one can read the dangers and wins of firms, the spoils and ultimate sport of public markets where the profit is taken from the investors, gamblers, and fools. Within every market of highly sophisticated financiers, their exist micro-markets of individuals who specialize in their market, their strategies, their philosophy. For some, like ourselves, it has been listing firms, such as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, OTCBB, TSX, etc. Within our listings we have specialized in many industries, such as alternative energy, mining, oil and gas, patents, technology, pharmaceuticals, etc. On a practical note, these special groups of strategists include industries and jurisdictions, such as Alternative Energy in India, Spanish Construction firms, Spanish technology companies, etc. Generally specialists exist in every country and every industry in the world, it is the value they possess that makes your listing and financing possible. Within these markets lay the foundation of every successful listing. One must pride themselves therefore in understanding the complex web of structure, law, traders, financers, promoters, management, structure, and sentiment of the markets in general. It is not difficult when you have seasoned advisors like Robert Russell, Mark Bragg, and Ryan Gibson from FSE Listings Inc. It is finding these specialists that guide you through the full service of different service providers, agents, and firms that make listing possible and a success.

Consulting should be results driven, when one looks at the number of listings a company has done, it is easy to see the results. FSE Listings inc listed a firm in March in 17 days, earlier this year a firm listed in 10 days, the results are clear, and there are 100s of them. Recently we were asked why we charge 60,000 euro for a service others charge 100’s of thousands for, we generally like working with the entrepreneurs and believe in the firms. Your success is our success as a listing agent, the price you pay is fair, and the service you will receive is unbeatable.

What considerations do you have to take into mind:

  • Liquidity
  • Transaction Costs
  • Prices and Information (Disclosures and why press is shared.)
  • Volatility
  • Trading Profits
  • Cost of Capital

What is often lacking in the linear thinking which is counter to most of the fundamentals of the stock market analysts is the ability to feel, judge, sense, and know sentiment.

Often what is overlooked by one entrepreneur is picked up by another just in time for the market to huddle towards it. The general sentiment in electricity and green energy has been driven greatly by this non-fundamental ideal of sentiment, often pushed forward by figure heads like Al Gore, who’s marketing is free in this case.

The reality is, you should not be looking for a company to list an idea to just get a symbol and hope money comes in, you should be doing it for:

  • The opportunity
  • The sentiment foreshadowing what is to come
  • The real tangible business sense that works and profits in an industry
  • The flexibility you have in the market
  • The level playing field or advantage you hold to others in your field (Given the financial crisis the field is level in many industries)

The market is about supply and demand, understanding all of the market intricacies and your own business will drive your success with the right listing firm. I suggest contacting FSE Listings Inc, to discuss your market, industry, fundamentals, and the growing sentiment that will drive your company to a successful listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

If you would like to list on a public market, are open to considering the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and working with a team who can guide you as a CEO, you should contact Robert Russell at FSE Listings Inc,